Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection Defined

Passive fire protection is used to compartmentalize and curtail fire. In doing so, it protects structural stability, integrity and saves lives in case of fire. Fire-proofing and fire-stopping are the two types of passive fire protection systems, and are complementary to each other..

Fire-Resistant Cable Coatings

Concept of Fire-Resistant Cable Coating

Cables are prone to self-igniting locally due overheating caused by short circuiting. They can also be overheated due to external factors such as fires. Fire-resistant cable coatings are used to prevent the propagation of fire along internal electrical cables and to protect the functionality of those cables .These coatings are used worldwide in a wide variety of structures, including service tunnels, power plants, substations, and electrical and plant rooms.


Fire-resistant cable coatings are tested under the following standards:

  • IEC 60332-1
  • IEC 60332 Part 3 – Category A
  • IEC 60754 (Minimal Halogen)
  • Factory Mutual Approved (FM3971)
  • ASTM E 84


DicoTech offers application of spray and brush-applied fire-resistant coatings on cables and cable-trays, preventing the spread of fire for 30 minutes and the ignition of cables for at least 40 minutes, even with a direct flame and surrounding temperature higher then 260°C. The applied coatings retard any direct flames travelling through horizontal and vertical cables and cable trays. DicoTech offers its expertise in application of cable coatings in accordance with the project specifications, industry standards, and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Cementitious Fire-proofing

This is the most popular and economic means of fire-proofing. It involves spraying light-weight cement-based material on structural steel members to a predetermined thickness computed as per ASTM or BS standards. This method is normally used for members that are concealed behind false ceilings or column encasements.

DicoTech is an approved applicator for various passive fire-protection systems that include light-weight as well as high-density materials suitable for industrial and commercial requirements.

The systems offered by DicoTech conform to the following international fire resistance standards:

  • BS 476: Part 6, 7 & 21 – UK
  • ASTM E119 – USA
  • ’Arrêté Ministériel August 1999 – France
  • NBN S21-202 – Belgium
  • DIN 4102: 1977-09 – Germany
  • DIN EN 1363-1:1999-10 – Germany

Intumescent Fire-proofing

This is commonly used where appearance matters most. Applied with airless spray equipment by professionals as per UL/ASTM standards, intumescent fire-proofing offers a great deal in terms of design freedom.

DicoTech offers expertise in the application of water-based intumescent paint systems that enhance the beauty of exposed steel structures while providing fire resistant upto 120 minutes as per BS 476 Part 21, upto 3 hours fire resistance as per ASTM E119, NFPA 251. The materials used provide a durable and decorative finish that can also be top-coated to match any aesthetic requirements.