Our Company

Mission Statement

For customers who do not compromise, we strive to be the first choice to solve their construction related problems; for others,
to be the last resort.


Quality Management Policy 

Being specialized providers of high tech solutions to serious construction problems, we cannot afford to make a mistake and rectify it. Hence, the management ensures that every employee realizes that we must always be right first time.

Human Resources Management Policy 

HRM is the cornerstone of our structure. At each level we select the most qualified people for the job, regardless of any other consideration and train them rigorously and continuously. We motivate them to give their best through attractive rewards including salaries, bonuses, living and working conditions, opportunities for growth and career development, involvement in decision making with considerable freedom of action and above all, by fair and transparent performance appraisals – the basis for evaluation and reward.

Marketing Strategy 

A fairy large budget is allocated for marketing and promotion, but it is not spent on the print and electronic media. Instead, we club it with the direct cost of works done to provide our clients with a lot more than their expectations. We then enjoy the referral promotion by our satisfied customers.