Interiors & Fit-Out

Interiors & Fit-Out

DicoTech’s Interiors & Fit-Out Division offers suspended ceilings and partition works as well as turnkey fit-out for all types of general construction projects catering to the requirements of brand owners, merchandised vendors, offices, hotels and building owners / users.

Suspended Ceiling works:

DicoTech offers all type of suspended ceiling works suitable for residential towers, hotel buildings, offices and industrial buildings. Suspended ceilings are designed to cover MEP services passing below slab and to enhance acoustic performance while providing an aesthetically pleasing decorative / architectural finish.

Gypsum Board Ceilings: Flat and Multilevel

Gypsum board ceilings consist of main channels, caring channels, hangers, perimeter angles, fixed to gypsum board, taped, jointed and sanded to a smooth finish. Regular gypsum boards are used for dry areas, moisture-resistance gypsum boards are used for wet areas like toilets and pantries, and fire-rated gypsum boards are used as required by specifications

Bulk Heads / Cove lights / Pelmets

Gypsum bulkheads and vertical portions of the suspended ceiling are formed to place A/C grills, curtains, indirect lights, artificial beams and to achieve an architectural finish. Gypsum bulkheads are formed at the termination point of the suspended ceiling, consist of gypsum boards, furring channels and perimeter trims.  They are filled with a joint compound and then sanded to achieve a smooth final finish.

Tile ceilings 600 X 600mm

Tile ceilings are installed for architectural finish requirements and are widely used in commercial and residential buildings. Tiled ceiling are suspended in an exposed “T” grid system and triangular channel suspensions are used for concealed systems.

Tiled ceiling types include vinyl-faced gypsum tile ceilings, calcium silicate board ceilings, GRG tile ceilings, metal tile ceiling, aluminum tile ceilings, mineral fiber tile ceilings, acoustic tile ceilings, mirror finish tiles and micro perforated aluminum tiles.

Partition works

Gypsum board partitions are widely used in commercial and residential buildings, industrial projects and offices. Gypsum board partitions are quick to install and relocate, and can accommodate MEP services, while reducing load to the buildings.

Types of Partitions

Partition types include liner wall partitions, dry wall partitions for thicknesses of 75mm to 400mm with GI studs and tracks, fire-rated wall partitions, acoustic wall partitions, staggered wall partitions, curved wall partitions and aqua panel wall partitions.

These partitions are used for separation walls, internal walls, thermal wall insulations, fire rated walls and acoustic-purpose walls.

Fit-out works

As an interiors company, DicoTech offers turnkey fit-out solutions including ceilings, partitions, carpentry works, flooring and painting works for merchandised vendors like. Completed retail projects include Sephora, Geox, L’Occitane, Lacoste and Faces in Villaggio Mall, Doha.

The Interiors Team and work process

DicoTech has a highly dedicated, well-trained and experienced Interiors team for architectural design and project management. Our core professionals are ably supported by a well-selected workforce forming a tight knit community of skill and talent providing customers the interior of their choice.

The core team of architects and interior designers first carry out site inspections to study and determine the requirements of the customer. The deepest attention is paid to the minute details in designing the layouts for the new spaces (offices, showrooms etc) in close coordination with the customers’ consultants and architects.

It is only after each of these stages are thoroughly completed, approved and recorded that our skilled carpentry team are brought in to complete the works per specifications, designs and client schedule.