Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping

Fire-stopping systems are used to prevent fire in a particular floor from spreading to other floors. This is accomplished by sealing openings and joints through which fire could spread to other floors. Basically, there are four types of openings / joints to which tested fire-stopping systems are applied to prevent the spread of gasses, smoke and fire.

These are:

  • Joints between construction components. These includes wall/wall, wall/floor, and wall/ceiling joints.
  • Floor perimeters – slab edges and exterior wall cavities.
  • Penetrations, including openings for mechanical, electrical, structural, security, communications, piping and wiring circuits.
  • Openings with no penetrations

DicoTech offers its expertise in installing effective fire-stopping systems in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

We can offer a full fledged system to suit various requirements which includes fire-rated sealants, ablative
batts, fire-rated mortars, various board systems, collars, pipe wraps, expansion joints and linear gap seals.