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Employee engagement session conducted for DicoTech & Shift employees on 28th Aug 2017 Posted by Dicotech In News

Employees are Employees are at their most productive when they’re motivated, have a sense of task mastery, are engaged and have direction. Thus an employee engagement session was conducted jointly for ‘DicoTech’ and its sister company, ‘Shift’ company’s employees at DicoTech premises on Monday, the 28th August 2017 in collaboration with ‘Happiness Hub’, a consultancy firm. The goal was to provide an informative, fun, engaging session that relates back to the core components of productivity. The program included many creative tasks and fun filled activities that helped participants explore the benefits of happiness and positivity, what it is and how it impacts their performance. The interactive session made attendees to think about what makes them happy, what they need to feel positive and what they can do to enhance their own happiness and wellbeing. The fun exercise helped attendees to understand their strengths, why strengths matter at work and equipped them to use their strengths more effectively to be the best version of themselves. Day was concluded with an exciting game, where small teams were asked to build the tallest, most cost-effective, free-standing tower using a packet of dried spaghetti and a packet of marshmallows within the set time limit. It was a great way to reflect innovation, team work, planning and time management to the participants. All enjoyed the session.


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